Proactive Steps to Avoiding Messy Data Recovery

One spilled cup of Earl Grey, a drop down a flight of stairs, or even static electricity can all damage a laptop and the trove of data it contains. Once damaged, the data within is also often inaccessible, which poses a particular problem for those who store their entire digital lives on one machine.

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7 Reasons You Keep Getting Hacked and What to do About It

the interconnectedness of your digital life is putting you in danger. Hackers are getting more sophisticated. Their sharpened skills are able to penetrate into almost any account to steal your money and your identity.How do cyber criminals cause so much havoc? Well, the answer is easy – you allow them.

5 Usability Considerations when Designing a New Site

To define usability, we have to return to the early 90s and refer to what we used to call “user-friendly.” For a website to be user-friendly back then, it had to be visually pleasing and easy to understand/use.

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