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39-year-old Woman Charged With Misdemeanor Hate Crime and Battery

A 39 year old woman was arrested by authorities on Friday for allegedly committing anti Asian hate crime after she was r

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John McAfee Cited For Cryptocurrency Fraud and Money Laundering

Antivirus software mogul, John McAfee, and his executive adviser, Jimmy Gale Watson Jr. are facing charges for alleged c


Chrysler Corporation and the 46RE Transmission: What You Need to Know

Chrysler Corporation has used many different types of transmissions. This article is going to discuss in particular the

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Stronger Consumer Engagement and Higher Sales for eCommerce – Why Improved Search Functions Lead to Better Results

Search solutions can provide great insight for decision makers behind the scenes in addition to the navigation benefits

Global News

Coronavirus Related Fatality Rates are Ten Times Higher in Countries Where Obesity is Prevalent

A global study by the World Obesity Foundation disclosed that countries where 50 percent of the adults are obese have a

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How To Choose Men’s Innerwear?

This feature will guide you on the different types of men's underwear and the important things to consider when buying this.

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Glacier Portable AC Review 2020

Glacier Portable AC is a compact personal air cooler that knowingly functions to cool its surrounding region within seconds, with evaporation technolo

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3 reasons why weekly deals are worth your attention

In the society of consumerism, hunting for sales and special offers has become something undesirable. This mindset can lead to financial loss and harm

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Buying Medication from Online Sources

These days, many people go online in order to purchase medication. This is a method that can provide greater ease, convenience, and better value for m

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Rory Brown, Managing Partner of Nicklaus Brown & Co., Discusses PayPal’s Transition To A Virtual Bank

PayPal has been a leader for years in the fintech market, providing safe and secure payment processing for a wide variety of vendors and customers on

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Essential Oils for Men

Essential oils are an extremely popular trend right now and definitely have their benefits. Ranging from odor elimination to skin relaxation, to enhan

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How To Find The Right Laminate Flooring Retailer

In Ireland, there are many great companies who can help you to find the right flooring for your home. For those based in Dublin, there can sometimes b

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Common Reasons for Going Over Budget When Building a New House

Having a new home built is a bit like getting married. At first, you’re romantic, starry-eyed, and full of hope and passion. However, as the days go b

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Ways to Clean Glass Windows Without Leaving Streaks

Cleaning glass windows without leaving behind those annoying white streaks is a time-consuming and difficult task. But you can’t leave the windows wit

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Purchase Guard Review – Dispute Resolution Made Easy

Shopping online requires a lot of trust. While most people take for granted that giants like Amazon have robust dedicated customer support, many are a

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Advantages Of Appointing Certified Junk Removal Companies

Most people think junk removal is a very stressful task. No matter if it’s household or commercial garbage, it’s extremely essential to choose a

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Things to Consider When Buying Holiday Toys for your Child

Shopping for a new toy is more than randomly picking any toy from the shelves. When buying a toy for your child, you naturally want the best to bring

Steel Stainless Steel Shiny Iron

Stainless Steel And Its Benefits For The Environment

Stainless steel has been used in various sectors such as architecture, engineering, marine, among others for centuries. This is one of the most common


Buying a Treadmill

Since you have landed on this page it is safe to presume that you have already thought about purchasing a treadmill and we can skip the part where I l

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Five Points To Consider Before Repairing Air-conditioners

Globally,  Air-conditioners are the need of the time where the temperature rises above the bearable figure of 25°c. The figure may differ according to