TOP 3 Simple Team Planners for Effective Collaboration

Managing a personal schedule is not an easy thing, let alone planning the workload for the whole team. 40% of project managers spend most of their time micromanaging and answering questions by email. Why? The most common reason is the lack of a single workspace that becomes a single source of truth for everyone, not just a PM. 

What is a planner for teams?

A good team planner is a tool that helps people get work done together. It lets your team know what they’re in charge of, visualizes the workflow and builds up an effective collaborative environment.

How to get the planner for your teams?

If you and your team are looking forward to setting up a planning tool, we’ve made a short list of apps that you definitely need to take a closer look at:

1. Planyway

If you are looking for the best planner app for teams, we recommend you to give Planyway a try. The power of this applies on multiple territories. Whether you manage complex workflows that require versatile views to see work from different angles, task dependencies, milestones, etc., or just want a simple calendar to plan out post releases for social media, you can get it all in Planyway.

Planyway effectively integrates your teammates’ calendars even the side ones like Google Calendar or Outlook into one intelligent space, helping you visualize and coordinate workload thoughtfully. As additional superpowers Planyway offers time tracking connected with task planning and a meeting scheduling functionality.


  • 10 views to visualize workflows at any angle
  • Export of all data into CSV format
  • Time tracker for planned tasks
  • Connected boards and calendars


  • No dashboards
  • You can’t provide read-only access


Planyway offers a Free Plan that comes with the calendar views. For extra functionality and the timeline, go for the paid plans that start at just $3.50/user per month. 

2. TeamUp

TeamUp is a great tool to manage multiple calendars with time-allocated tasks and coordinate schedules. You can create shared calendars for your team members and see them together on one page to organize work without back-and-forth availability checking and double-booking. One more feature that levels up this app lets you share calendar events with third-parties as web pages. So, you don’t need to give access to your calendar.   


  • Scheduler view to plan for groups
  • Event scheduling with web pages


  • Only iCal sync which means you can’t edit events
  • Limited project management functionality


The paid plans start at $8/user per month.

3. Toggle Plan

When it comes to a team planner for project management, Toggle Plan is a really powerful option. It can help you both plan ahead and track progress with the board and timeline views. Toggle Plan provides a project high-level overview as well as a granular level to focus on tasks and see how teamwork impacts a project time and budget. 


  • Intuitive interface
  • Provides different access options


  • No calendar views
  • Can’t be used as an event scheduler


Toggle plan provides standard features for free for teams up to 5 users. The paid plans start at $8 per user/monthly.

How to set it up? 

Once you choose the best task planner for your team, remember that throwing a new tool at your team and telling them to use it doesn’t work. To get started successfully, all your team needs to buy into it. Set up a demo and show the key feature you want them to use explaining the benefits they will get.

When you’re up and running with the tool that fits your needs and everyone approves, you will be amazed at how much more productive and organized your team can become.

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