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Nvidia, Supermicro demo 12x performance hike

TGD Staff June 1, 2009 1,010

Taipei, Taiwan, Nvidia and Supermicro are showing a new 1U server that combines massively parallel Tesla GPUs with multi-core CPUs. The rackmount system delivers 12 times the performance of a traditional quad-core CPU-based 1U server, say the companies.

Supermicro is demonstrating the Tesla-based SuperServer 6016T-GF-TM2 on its booth at Computex 2009 in Taiwan this week.

“Our new Tesla GPU-based SuperServer 6016T-GF Series delivers a much higher performance-per-watt and per-rack than any other 1U solution in the market today,” said Don Clegg, Vice President of Marketing, Supermicro. “This 2-Teraflop SuperServer meets the most demanding enterprise data center requirements for reliability and manageability.”

Brazilian energy company Petrobras has installed a server cluster consisting of 190 Tesla GPUs which is delivering a 5x to 20x performance improvement over traditional multi-core CPU-based clusters, says the company.

Petrobras expects scalable increases in GPU performance will continue as it expands its datacenter to provide more than 400 TFLOPS.


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